About Us

Wholesalers and distributors of organic, free-from and specialty foods & drinks.

“A desire, a dream, a vision…”

As Aytac Foods Ltd, we continuously provide large variety of premium natural choices, so even more people can enjoy the benefits. While promoting healthy, natural and sustainable living, we aim to improve lifestyle and well being of individuals. Through Aytac Natural, we are excited to introduce the highest quality of natural, organic, and healthier options to our current and prospective customers.

We launch Aytac Natural to contribute sustainable and clean lifestyle by providing you better choices and by accommodating your special dietary requirements.

While we are enjoying benefits of contemporary lifestyle, our handicaps are too high. Poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and high toxicity are some of the factors that cause degeneration of health among us today.

If you welcome toxicity into your body, then you welcome it into your personal world as well. Poor diet, stress and lack of exercise also affects your mood and sense of well being in a negative way.

Once you start making small changes each day and improve your lifestyle step by step, you will quickly improve your overall well being to live longer and better. Good health starts within, start today!

Aytac Natural Foods is owned by Aytac Foods Ltd. Aytac Foods Ltd is an international food company that was founded in 2000. Our wide range of high quality items, backed by our friendly and reliable service ensures that everything we supply is the best of its kind.